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Weight watchers breakfast ideas

I’ve been doing weight watchers for about four months now and am starting to feel like I’ve found my groove with it. I’m getting steady consistent results and I’m not feeling hungry, which is exactly what I want! Below is a list of the types of things I’ve been eating for breakfast on a daily basis and their points values, as one of the things I have found is that I need variety both for my sanity and continued weight loss.

1. 1 slice brown toast (2pp) and 1 medium poached egg (2pp)

2. A weight watchers yogurt (1pp) and a pear

3. A weight watchers yogurt (1pp) and a light Alpen Bar (2pp)

4. 1 slice of brown toast (2pp) with Philadelphia lightest spread 

5. Two mini meringues (1pp) with a weight watchers yogurt (1pp) and some strawberries

6. 1 bananna blended with 1 egg (2pp) to make banana pancakes

7. 1 weight watchers hot chocolate (1pp) with a fruit salad

I mix up my breakfasts and rarely have the same thing two days in a row, sometimes I also use these options as somthing to have as an evening snack before bed.

5 Party ideas for toddlers

Last week we celebrated our little mans 2nd Birthday, I have no idea where those two years went! We had two parties one for family and one for his toddler friends and their parents, mainly due to space restrictions at our house. Before hand I spent a lot of time researching party ideas and tips for toddlers so thought instead of sharing loads of birthday pictures, I would share my favourite ideas for hosting a toddler birthday party.

1. Pack away the majority of your child’s toys and just keep out some select larger items that don’t have lots of loose parts. Everything is more stressful when there are Lego and jigsaw pieces strewen around the house! 

2. If you are decorating with balloons make sure you have a good amount of balloons left loose on the floor for the kids to play with, otherwise you will end up having to take down your decorations so the kids can play.

3. To save time, money and effort don’t do a huge variety of party food, pick one or two really tasty but simple dishes. For one party we did pulled pork and stuffing in rolls and for the other we did chicken fajitas.

4. For toddlers you don’t need a whole load of party games as the kids will lose interest, instead just have different types of play that you can introduce through out the party. We had free play indoors as people arrived, playing with balloons, playing with bubbles and then playing in the garden.

5. Time your party around your toddlers nap, we had an early afternoon party as Jake naps in the morning. We then had a good hour to get everything ready while he was asleep and a happy, rested toddler come party time.

Getting ready for Fathers Day with Snapfish

When Snapfish offered me the chance to spend £40 on their photo and gift ordering website I jumped at the chance. We love photos in our house we have them in almost every room and I love taking photos of the kids, so its always nice to get a chance to look at some new ways to squeeze a few more photo’s into our house!

What better opportunity to also get a little something for Jamie for Fathers day : ) (If you are also going to do this, the last date for fathers day gifts is 15th June) I had a good look around the Snapfish website and was very tempted to get a photo canvas done, except Jamie got me one for Mothers day so I wanted to be a bit more original. In the end I decided to go for one larger present for him which is a personalised photo travel mug (I’ll share the pic of this after Fathers day) as well as an array of smaller gifts which are for all of us to enjoy. These were some photo key-rings and an assortment of photo fridge magnets.

The ordering process was really quick and easy and I did the whole thing from my iPad, whilst cooking dinner and looking after a baby and a toddler (Yes, I am wonder woman! )  a couple of days later all of our wonderful photo gifts arrived. The print and quality on all of the products is really good and clear, but I must say I am particularly impressed with the photo magnets as the pictures and colours are just so vivid, I’m already planning on ordering some more!IMG_1433

With most of the products on offer you have the opportunity to add text and personalise things. I kept most of my pictures plain but I did choose to add text to the travel mug and one of the photo magnets to make them seam more “gifty”. On the additional magnets I plan on making I’m going to do a picture of each of the kids and some text that says “Jake’s Art” and use them to hold the kids artwork to our fridge.

All in all I’m really pleased with my Snapfish haul, and want to say a big thank you to Snapfish for giving me the opportunity to get some great products. The service is definitely one I plan on using again.


Note: Snapfish provided me with a £40 gift voucher in order to write this review, all opinions expressed are my own.


Pea and Ham Soup

Pea and Ham Soup

As I’m still doing weight watchers I’m making a lot more food from scratch as its really shocking how much sugar and salt is added to store bought foods. This seams to be especially true of soup’s. This is one of my favourite recipes, it’s really quick and also works out very cheap too.


1 onion

Half a bag of frozen peas

1 medium potato

1 thick slick of premium ham

1 clove of garlic

1 jug of chicken stock


Chop and lightly fry the onion, potato and garlic until the onion goes soft. Then add the chicken stock and peas. Chop half of you ham and add that in.Bring to the boil for about 15 mins. Add salt and pepper. Blend with a hand blender. Dice the rest of your ham and use as a garnish when you serve the soup.

I estimate that this dish cost me max £1.50 to make and it easily makes four portions ! 

The whole thing took me less then half an hour to make and I just love knowing the whole thing is completely healthy and fresh with no hidden nasty bits! 

I’m officially a home made soup convert!