September Goals:

I’m not going to push myself to far with my September goals as I do have a lot of things going on at the moment and have been quite tired, so its best to know my limits in advance. But here they are none the less:

1) Get back into a blogging schedule. I don’t mind if my blog rate slows as long as I am able to produce quality and consistent posts with some sort of regularity. Whilst constantly reminding myself that blogging is my hobby and not my job!

2) Get some quotes in for our back garden fence.

3) Stay on top of the housework by actually following the schedule I made for us.

4) Sign up for the next term of baby signing classes. This will probably be Jake’s last term as he is starting to pick up some words now, but I really like the classes and having a bit of structure in our week.

5) Continue decluttering and organizing the house.

I’d like to think that these five things should be very achievable within the next four weeks. Having the goals written down always seams to help motivate me so I’ll let you know next month how I get on.


I’m back!

Firstly, an apology. I have been away from my blog for some time with no warning or explanation, this wasn’t the right thing to do and I am genuinely sorry. I hope that I haven’t truly let myself and the blog down and that in time I can regain the trust of my readers.

Blogging for me is a hobby and past time and will always come second place to my family and other responsibilities. Therefore it was right for me to take some time away from the blog to focus on other areas of my life (some aspects of which may be revealed shortly). However I should have handled this time away better as opposed to simply disappearing.

The good news is that the time away from my blog has helped me realise that I do enjoy blogging and I think it is good for me. As long as I keep it as a hobby and don’t put too much pressure on myself to try to keep up with the other amazing blogs that I follow. It has also given me plenty of time to reflect on the direction of the blog and think up some future content.

You may see the direction of the blog changing slightly in the coming months. I will continue to be a mummy blogger and blog about all things family life but I would like to expand a little and focus on the other area of my life which is being a housewife and looking after our home. Therefore I am hoping to increase the number of posts that I do on things such as housekeeping, design, organizing, gardening, cooking and baking etc.  None of these things I am an expert in but I am looking forward to developing these skills.

Making some healthy changes

Now that summer is coming I have decided to make a few healthy changes to my life to generally improve my well being, lose weight and to set a good example for Jake. This is what I’ve decided to do:

1) Join the gym – Its a big step for us that we now feel as a family we have the time for both Jamie and I to go out at separate times and use the gym enough the justify the membership costs. For us this means we both aim to go at least three times a week. We’ve been going three weeks and so far I think I’m managing it. I’m determined to lose a bit of weight and I know that exercise will be the key to this for me.

2) Eat less crisps and chocolate – This ties in with the losing weight goal, but the main reason I came to this conclusion was to set a good example for Jake. We always eat lunch as a family and was really starting to feel like a big hypocrite serving Jamie and I something with a packet of crisps and Jake something with a piece of fruit. So we’ve all switched to fruit. It can only be a good thing!

3) Eat more fruit and veg – For the exact same reasons as above!


These are only small simple changes but I think they really could play a large part in improving my fitness, health and wellbeing as long as I can stick with it for the long term. Hopefully I’ll lose a bit of weight soon and that will give me the reassurance and motivation to carry on!

A day in our life: With an 11 month old

There haven’t been too many changes to our daily routine since my last “Day in our life” piece (HERE) when Jake was 8 months, though there a a couple subtle yet important differences.

6.15am – Wake up to here Jake chattering away in his cot, for some reason he now wakes up a bit earlier then he used to, but I’m not sure why. After a quick cuddle in bed Jamie goes an gets Jakes bottle on while I change and dress him, he then has his bottle in bed with us.

7.30am – here is one of the important differences! I’ve started going to the gym and manage a couple of mornings a week. Where as pre baby I would have struggled to get out of bed before 9am, Jake has forced me to become a morning person, so much so that by 7.30am I feel as though half the day is almost gone! So while I’m at the gym Jamie and Jake have breakfast and play downstairs.

8.30am I’m back from the gym and play with Jake (I’m still a sweaty mess at this point!) while Jamie gets ready for work

9am Jake goes down for a nap in his cot while I have a shower and get dressed, and try to do some housework before Jake wakes up again

10am – Jake wakes up and we usually go out either for a walk, to the shops or to a baby group

12pm – We all have lunch together

1pm – Jamie goes back to work. Jake and I have the afternoon to our selves. We might go out somewhere again, if not we’ll just play in the living room. Jake plays a lot more on his own these days, which is really lovely to watch, but can sometimes make the afternoon a bit slow for me.

5pm Jamie finishes work and plays with Jake while I make dinner.

5.30 – We eat dinner then do the washing up

6pm – We have a quick play before it is time for Jakes bath and PJ’s.

6.30pm – I sit down with Jake for some quiet time and give him his bottle. Sometimes he will fall asleep straight after his bottle in which case I put him straight in bed.

7.30 pm If Jake isn’t already asleep he now goes to bed anyway with Jamie and I going up every few minutes to lie him down and tell him it is bed time, this usually wont go on past 8pm. At this point one of us may or may not go to the gym.

8pm – The rest of our evening if to ourselves

Its hard to believe how normal our lives have become again since having Jake 11 months ago, when life with a new-born seamed so hard! I can see why it is at this stage that couples start to feel ready to start thinking about baby number 2 as life has become normal again.

Growing strawberries

One of my general goals in life is to eat more fruit and vegetables. Now that we have Jake in our life we are actually doing much better as we always have plenty of fruit and veg in for him to eat on a daily basis, and wanting to lead by example we are also eating much healthier ourselves. However it does cost a lot of money to keep your household fully stocked with fresh produce, especially if you want to have variety. Hence my great idea to grow our own strawberries!

As I have previously posted, I am not a gardener. So these plants may or may not work, but I think it is at least worth trying to grow something of my own. So I got a couple of trough flower pots, filled with compost and planted six strawberry plants,  and so far I’m doing quite well at remembering to water them. I’ll keep you updated as to if any survive!