Pea and Ham Soup

Pea and Ham Soup

As I’m still doing weight watchers I’m making a lot more food from scratch as its really shocking how much sugar and salt is added to store bought foods. This seams to be especially true of soup’s. This is one of my favourite recipes, it’s really quick and also works out very cheap too.


1 onion

Half a bag of frozen peas

1 medium potato

1 thick slick of premium ham

1 clove of garlic

1 jug of chicken stock


Chop and lightly fry the onion, potato and garlic until the onion goes soft. Then add the chicken stock and peas. Chop half of you ham and add that in.Bring to the boil for about 15 mins. Add salt and pepper. Blend with a hand blender. Dice the rest of your ham and use as a garnish when you serve the soup.

I estimate that this dish cost me max £1.50 to make and it easily makes four portions ! 

The whole thing took me less then half an hour to make and I just love knowing the whole thing is completely healthy and fresh with no hidden nasty bits! 

I’m officially a home made soup convert! 

Establishing my new beauty regime

Since having a second child and going through all the sleepless nights again, as well as turning 30 this year (I can’t believe I’m so old!) it’s fair to say I’ve not been looking my best. This however is no ones fault but my own (maybe a little bit is the kids fault) as up until a few weeks ago my beauty regime has consisted of putting minimal makeup on in a morning and not taking it off in an evening, and washing my face in the shower with body wash. With the odd bit of moisturiser used every now and again : ) 

This lack of routine or regard for my skin hasn’t really caused me much of a problem but now I’m getting older and age / lack of sleep is catching up with me, it’s time I took better care of my skin and face. I’ve done a lot of research over the last few weeks mostly on Pinterest and Youtube and I’ve invested in some new products so I now have an actual beauty regime which is as follows: 

  • First thing in the morning I moisturise my face with day cream
  • I then put some eye repair cream under my eyes
  • I also use primer if I’m intending to have a full make up day
  • Through out the day I’m trying to drink more water as well as using lip balm regularly on my dry lips
  • Every evening I take my make up off with makeup remover
  • Wash my face with a gentle face wash
  • Moisturise my face with night cream
  • Put eye repair cream under my eyes
  • Also after I shower I now use body butter to moisturise everywhere

I’ve been doing this routine for a few weeks now and am starting to see a difference in how my skin looks and feels so I’m going to try my best to stick with it. I’ve also found new ways of doing my make up but will go into that further in a separate post. 

I love Spring

The winter is finally over and the weather is gradually starting to improve so I thought I would share a little list of all the things I am looking forward to and enjoy about spring time : ) 

1) Long days playing in the garden

2) flowers coming into bloom, especially blossom

3) Eating outside

4) The smell of cut grass

5) Going out without loads of coats and jumpers to look after

6) Opening the windows and having fresh air in the house

7) Drying my washing outside 

8) Wearing sunglasses

9) Driving with the windows down

10) Eating fresh salads with new potatoes.

Bring on the sunshine! 

My weight watchers journey: 12 weeks in

just under three months ago I declared I had joined weight watchers as I was determined to lose some weight. I was optimistic but had no idea if I could stick to the plan or if it would work for me. I’m very glad to say that so far the plan is working really well for me and I am actually quite enjoying it. Here is my progress report:

Week 1: no loss

Week 2: no loss

Week 3: 2 1/2 lbs lost

Week 4: 2 lbs lost

Week 5: 3lbs lost

Week 6: 1/2 lb lost

Week 7: 3 lbs lost

Week 8: 1/2 lb lost

Week 9: 2 lbs lost

Week 10: 3 lbs lost

Week 11: 1/2 lb on

Week 12: 2 lbs lost

This is a grand total of 18 lbs lost in 12 weeks. I hadn’t set myself any specific targets but this is more then I expected I could lose and in a shorter amount of time. I am really really please especially as now that I am used to the points system and my body has adjusted to the portion sizes and food types I don’t really feel like I’m on a diet. I won’t say it’s easy all the time as I still have my moments when I struggle but the sucess I’ve had so far just makes me want to keep going as I am finally starting to believe that I can be a slim woman again, which I wasn’t actually sure was possible!

A day in our life: A toddler and a newborn

Max is now 10 weeks old and Jake is 21 months. Jamie is back at work after paternity leave and it is very fair to say that life with a toddler and a new born is very hectic and quite messy! Here is how a typical day seams to go for us:

1am: Max usually wakes up for a feed, I breastfeed him and put him straight back to bed in his crib by our bed.

4am: Max will wake up for another feed, and may restlessly go back to sleep for another couple of hours, if not Jamie and I will take it in turns to hold him so the other person can get a bit more sleep.

6am: Max has just settled down to sleep and Jake wakes up. We all have a family cuddle in bed before heading down stairs

6.30am – 9am Jake has his milk and then breakfast whilst watching cartoons. Jamie and I will both have breakfast and then take it in turns to get dressed. Then Jamie will look after the boys whilst I try to get some housework done, usually I manage to get a clothes wash in and load the dish washer and clean the kitchen up from dinner last night.

9am – 12pm: Jamie goes to work so I’m on my own with the boys. Jake usually goes down for his only nap of the day at about 10am and will sleep for about 1 to 1 and a half hours. During this time if Max is awake I try to give him some focused attention on his play mat and having some tummy time. If Max is also asleep while Jake is ( this doesn’t happen often) then I will do a bit more housework and then perhaps have aa short amount of time to go on Twitter or write a blog post. When Jake wakes up we will play in the living room with Max watching us from his bouncy chair. Max will have had another feed in this time also.

12 – 1pm Jamie comes downstairs for lunch which we try to eat in the conservatory.

1-4pm: I try to get out of the house with the boys going for a walk with our double buggy to the shops or the park. Then it’s back home for more playing at home. Max will have another feed.

4pm: Jake will be getting tired so he will have a quiet hour with his dummy and some cartoons on TV while I take Max into the kitchen with me and start putting dinner on. These days I cook most of our meals from scratch so it does usually take me about an hour to get dinner sorted, I will also try to do as much kitchen cleaning and laundry sorting as I can at the same time.

5-6.30pm: Jamie finishes work and we all have dinner together as a family. Then it’s more playing in the living room, usually with Jamie and Jake running around like maniacs! 

6.30 -7.15pm: We start winding down! Jake has his bed routine of bath, PJ’s, milk , book, bed. Max will also have a bath, PJ’s and a feed. 

7.15 – 8pm Jake goes up to bed and takes about 30 mins to settle. Max will also hopefully start to settle down too. We do a quick tidy up of the living room and have showers and get ready for bed ourselves.

8 – 9.30pm we chill out in front of the tv and then head up to bed as soon as we are sure Max is settled.

Then it all begins again! …….