How to Make Your Home Baby Proof and Safe for Kids

Having kids can be a really fun, loving, amazing and rewarding experience. It can also be scary as heck! When you have kids, and they are newborns, they don’t walk or crawl around, but once they reach that walking and crawling stage; that’s when things get scary for you the parent. If you’ve never had a child before and you want to make sure that you are “baby proofing” or “child proofing” your home and furniture properly making it safe for your kids, there are a few things you should start to fix now and look out for in the future for this keep reading below.

One quick stat: Home injuries are actually the leading cause of ER visits for kids under 3 years of age! And 70% of the kids, who end up in the ER under the age of 4, actually pass away. This is no joke.

child proofing home

Safety Gates

If you have stairs – any kind of stairs, up or down, basement, kitchen, bedroom whatever else, please get a few safety gates and make sure they are of quality. These help to keep your kids out of certain rooms as well, like the kitchen. These safety gates usually get placed between a doorway. They might be a pain for you to keep opening and closing or walking over, but I can assure you, these can keep your kids safe and are a necessity to have if you require your home to be baby proof.

No Parent – No Bath

We cannot stress this enough. Don’t ever place your baby in the tub with water, and then leave the room or look the other way. Even in 1 inch of water, and in 1 second, your baby can drown. If you have to do something in another room, call in another adult (not another child!) and have them watch the baby or the child until you can come back in.

Anchors Are A Good Thing

If you have nightstands, TV stands, book stands, desks or anything else that are top heavy, please anchor them to the walls. You can purchase anchors for this specific situation at any home improvement store. Over the past few years, you’ve probably seen news channels and shows like 20/20 reporting about fallen TV stands, tv, and desk on little kids. These can essentially not only hurt your child but worse. It’s better to spend the $5 on the anchor than to have something unimaginable happen. Also, keep cords hidden. Imagine a baby seeing a cord for your monitor and pulling on it. Don’t do it. Either don’t let the child in that room or find a way to hide the plugs.

Caps For Corners, Plugs, Outlets

If you visit a baby store, they actually have rubber “caps” that fit over corners for the coffee table, caps for plugs, and outlets and more.

Drawer and Cabinet Locks

20+ years ago the locks actually weren’t very good, they easily broke if your baby or child tugged on them hard enough. These days you can find some real quality locks that are going to be perfect for your cabinets, drawers and more. These should be placed on any cabinet or drawer that has anything in it that can hurt your baby; under the bathroom sink where you keep cleaners, under the kitchen sink where you keep cleaning agents, the utensil, silverware and knife drawer and more. Better to be safe than to be sorry!

Keep Windows Closed

If nothing else, kids are incredibly unpredictable. Even if you have a toddler that has never had any interest in your windows before, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure that if your toddler is wondering around the house that the windows are closed. Also, make sure that they cannot crawl up on, pull to, or stand on anything by the window. This is every parent’s worse nightmare. But, you can keep it from happening, if you stay proactive and baby proof the room before your little guy or girl is allowed in that space!

 closed windows

Choking Hazards

Kids will be kids, it doesn’t matter if they are a baby or a toddler, they put things in their mouth. Make sure that you aren’t just following the above tips, but that you are also making sure that there are no choking hazards in the house. Ideally, anything that can fit into a toilet paper tube should be kept away from them.

Like anything else in life, you just can’t see the future. You never know what could happen but chances are if you have the attitude of “that would never happen to me,” you’d be surprised how many other people did and they didn’t baby proof their home and now they are childless. Sounds awfully harsh, but it’s true. It’s always better to be safe than to be sorry!

There you go, all the tips I can think off that you can use to make the home furniture safe for kids.