Home Daycare: Advantages and Disadvantages

If you have young kids, eventually you are going to have to figure out if you should take them to daycare or not. If you do take them to daycare, do you want them to be taken to a daycare that is a big brand business or do you want the owner to do it in house? Both of these options have their benefits as well as disadvantages, which is what we will be speaking about below.

The Benefits Of A Home Daycare

A center is a good way to have someone take care of your kids when you have to go to work. But, the problem with centers is that there are a lot of kids and your kid might not get the individual attention that they really need or deserve. In many centers the child to staff ratio is quite low – this ultimately means that the attention or even the interaction that your child gets, is something that he or she might not get. On the other hand, in a home daycare, the Staff – usually one person, maybe two, will have a smaller group of kids, which means that your child will get the attention they need and the interactions you want. According to studies that have been done, whether it be a daycare center or a home care center, the ratio shouldn’t be any less than 3 kids to 1 staff/adult.

Mixed Age Groups

In a center daycare usually when you leave your child there, they will only be spending time with, talking to, eating lunch with and playing with kids their age. But, at a home daycare, this can be the opposite. Which means that your child will have a chance to interact with different aged kids. This might not seem like a big deal at first glance, but what this is doing, is giving your kids feel more comfortable around all children – not just ones their own age. This also gives them the ability to learn and share with other kids other ages too.

Home Sweet Home

Centers do make a point to try and make your child as comfortable as they can, but lets be honest, if you have your child at a home day care, it feels more like home, than a center would. This might be a good option for kids that have attachment issues – and would feel more comfortable going to someone else’s home, rather than a building/center.

home sweet home

Less Expensive

Centers usually cost more and for good reason. The upkeep of the building, the electricity, food, water, heating/air conditioning, etc can all be a pretty hefty bill in terms of the center. Plus, you have to consider that centers usually have 10 or more Staff members which are all being paid for the job at hand. But, home daycare isn’t usually like this. Since its a smaller staff amount, and its a home in general, these tend to be much less expensive than a regular center for kids.

Perfected Care

In most cases, a center has staff that are just regular people. But, in many cases a home daycare staff has women that are moms. This can make your children feel better, but it can also make you, as a parent, feel better as well in knowing that they (the staff) will take care of your kids better because they know what kids really need.

Disadvantages Of Home Day CaresHome Daycare

If you want your kids to learn in terms of early education development, chances are a home daycare is not going to be the choice for you. Of course, they can teach some stuff in a home daycare, but chances are they probably don’t have a degree in early development education. This might be a deal breaker for you, but its something to think about.

Relying On Your Own Judgment vs Licensing

With a center, all staff members have to be licensed and have the proper training to deal with things like education, CPR, etc. In many other cases, home day cares do not. When it comes to picking a home day care provider, its really going to depend on your own judgment in terms of safety, hazards, sanitation, etc. You need to make sure that the home day care is safe for your baby and that they will be cared for, fed, etc when they are there.

As you can clearly see here, there are a lot more benefits than disadvantages, but still, its something to think about. Its also a really good idea before choosing anyone, to check online for reviews, as your neighbors, friends and family if they have any experience with that home day care, and make sure you really check a person out before making a final choice.