Design a Home Office You’ll Actually Work In

Working from home has a lot of benefits. It allows you to work from your home, which is essentially the best benefit of all. It allows you the freedom of commuting which can save money and time. If you have little ones at home it also allows you to spend some extra time with them on your downtime. Also, creating a home office at home is a benefit too. It allows you to create an office space that is all your own, you can decorate it however you want, add in whatever products or items you want and whatever color schemes you like. If you’re looking for some tips on creating the perfect home office; a home office you’ll actually want to work in and be productive in, here are a few things to look out for.

Home Office

Trendy is Good, Comfort and Efficiency is Better

Trends are good, but maybe not so much for a personal home office. Instead of buying that cool vintage desk (that is way too small for all your items) consider buying a bigger desk that is still attractive, but efficient. Instead of bringing in an upholstered dining room chair (that looks cool, but hurts your back), consider looking at ergonomic chairs that will allow you to sit on them for hours on end and still feel comfortable. Instead of painting your walls red, because that’s your favorite color, try to instead bring red in another way like on an accent wall or through art. Red, by the way, is not a good color to place in a workspace. Try yellow instead. Yellow can make you happy, creative and productive. Red can make you anger easily, frenetic, anxious, etc.  Colors can play a big part in how we feel during the day.

Follow All Ergonomic Rules

Scientists, researchers and doctors alike all say that you should have a computer screen that is eye level. This will reduce eye fatigue. Help keep your heart healthy and will keep your neck from craning upward or downward which will keep neck aches and headaches away. You should also make sure that your desk and your keyboard are parallel to the floor. If your arms are angled upward or downward you could be asking for major issues like carpal tunnel, backaches and more. Make sure that your desk and your chair can be at the same height or can be adjusted so that your arms stay parallel to the floor.

Get Creative With Storage

Filing cabinets have always been a way to store items. But, they are also very passe and very “corporate.” Instead, try some other options. One option is to add built-in shelves or in the least a shelving unit that is against the wall. This is a great place to store all sorts of things like books and brochures, files, magazines and more. Your desk should also have 2 drawers. A top drawer which is skinnier and thinner for things you would need right then on a daily basis like a stapler, writing objects, paperclips, etc. As well as a side drawer with a lock for storage of  more important files, papers, and documents.

Create A Comfy Spot

When you aren’t working and you just need a time out to relax or read, you want to create a space that is away from the desk. This area should have a comfy chair that you can sit down on and an ottoman so you can put your feet up, plus a table for things like a cup of coffee or tea and a lamp for reading. Consider this your comfort zone.

Add Some Greenery

Live plants and flowers can make a space lively. Plants are a great way to make you feel happier so why not add some greenery to your office? It’s easy, it’s inexpensive, and you can even find greenery that Won’t need to be looked after every single day. So even if you forgot, they will still be there thriving!

Keep All Office Items In The Office

When you are on the clock and working or trying to intently concentrate on a project, the last thing you want to do is keep having to exit the space to run into another room or house to get something like a pen, scissors, stamps, etc. Everything office-esque should be kept in the office. For extra efficiency, you can also place a small fridge in the space, a coffee maker and build a small counter. This will allow you to get drinks and snacks from the fridge without ever actually leaving the room. Don’t put your lunch in the fridge though, you do need breaks, even if you are a hard worker and have a cool home office, doesn’t mean you need to spend your entire life in it.