Hidden Storage Ideas For Living Rooms

It doesn’t matter if you have a large or a small living room, sometimes you just need a little extra storage space for extra things you know you’ll need but don’t need right this second. If you want a way to add more storage – hidden or open, check out these products and design tips below for your next redesign.

Secret Hiding Spots



Tiered Coffee Tables


A tiered coffee table is a regular coffee table with a shelf underneath. This shelf is a really great place for books, magazines, serving trays, remote controls and more. You can also find hinged coffee tables – either console tables for the back of the couch or coffee tables for the middle of the room where the top actually lifts up and you can store these things in there as well.


Console Cabinets


These can be used one of two ways. You can place them behind your couch or you can place them in front of the couches on the wall for using a smaller television set on. Either way, they tend to be a little longer in nature and smaller in stature. These are going to usually have one cabinet for storage and then 2-4 drawers for storage, but they also have that nifty little top for things like lamps, books, flowers and more.


Storage Bench


These are really cute and are used most often in a mudroom or an entryway, however, they can also be used in a living room against a wall or as a window bench. The bench top will usually lift up so you can place needed pillows, throw pillows, throw blankets or whatever else in there. They will also usually have a few cubed cubby holes where you can get a cubby box, slide those in, and create even more room!





These can work into your decor as a place for someone to sit or put their feet up and relax. Little do they know that the lid lifts up and has a smaller compartment for storing smaller items.


Trunk End Table


These can be placed on one or both sides of your couch and act as a side table, but since they are trunks you can also store some pretty cool things inside of these too and they are super secret!


All of these can be used in conjunction with each other to add a lot of secret hidden storage space, but they are all still functional to be used for other things like extra seating, tables, bookshelves and more.


Open Storage Spaces


If you are doing a remodel, these are some definite storage options to consider!


Built-In Book Shelves


Built in bookshelves are built either into the wall (major space saver) or they can be flush against the wall. Either way, this is the perfect place to get organized and its not just for books. You can put knick knacks here, family pictures in frames, magazines, cookbooks, art, sculptures, etc.


Built-In TV Stand


Like with the aforementioned option, these can be built into the wall or can be placed flush up against it. The “stand” is actually a giant cabinet. It would have an open section for your television set and then maybe 2 shelves above it for storing things, 3 shelves on both sides with doors and then drawers below those 3 shelves. That’s a lot of space to place things. Some ideas; manuals for all of your electronics, your media system, your audio and visual systems, video game consoles, books, extra blankets for guests and guest pillows and even some cubbies for your kid’s arts and crafts items, etc.


Built In Basket Storage


This is really neat. Essentially its going to be an entire wall for storage. It’s also built in so it’s a space saver. The top will be a sort of “top” like that of a table that you can place things on. Below the cusp of the top of the built in you will have 2 columns of 4 rows of drawers. Underneath that, you will have 2 larger columns of 5 rows of boxed cabinet space. These boxes can either have doors on them for a more organized look or they might be open. You can place (you should place!) woven baskets or canvas baskets into each of the 10 cabinets. These are a great idea for kids toys, arts and crafts, extra blankets, pillows and more. You can really squeeze a lot of things into this option because there are essentially 15 spaces to store things in! Surely you can figure out a way to fill those spots up.


Again, any and all of these open options can also be used in conjunction with each other to make a really spacious and organized room that looks stylish too!