5 Reasons Kitchen Renovations Go Over Budget

Planning a kitchen remodel can be a really fun and exciting experience. It can also be scary as heck in terms of your budget. A lot of people set a budget for their kitchen remodeling and either exceed it by a little which is actually okay – or a lot, which is mind-bogglingly not okay.

There are, however, some reasons why budgets go over the original price point. Here, below are the most popular reasons why you might go over budget – and things to keep in mind as you plan your remodel.




#1 Reason

The #1 reason people go over budget is because they buy more expensive products or materials than they originally intended. This would be pretty easy to do right? Consider all the options available; colors, styles, materials, products, upgrades and more. When you sit down and do your planning consider this; there are a lot of alternative options that are just as comfortable, pretty and functional. Hardwood flooring for instance, is incredibly expensive. They are pretty, yes. But, another option to consider are other wood sources that are equally as beautiful and cozy and warm, but less costly like wood laminates, cork, or even bamboo.

#2 Reason

Too many custom options. Custom products are always going to be more expensive than factory purchased items. For example, cabinets. You might find that you “created” the perfect cabinets; the right material, the right style and design, and the right color. But, what you will also find is that the more customized an item becomes, the more expensive it gets. In one home, a couple had a 12-foot ceiling in their kitchen. They thought it looked better to have the cabinets go from the floor, in some spots, all the way of to the ceiling. This is a custom job because a regular cabinet is never going to be 12 feet high. The cabinets ended up costing them quadruple what it should have cost. Definitely, something to think about. It’s a good idea to talk to a kitchen designer and see if they can come up with a better design, one that is also less expensive! And this doesn’t just go with cabinets, it can be for drawers, your flooring, the backsplash, the floor and more.

#3 Reason

Additional features within the cabinets and drawers. So quickly you can go from having cabinets that are mid-range, and then equal it out to be an additional $5,000, $10,000 even $15,000. This is way too much money to be spending on cabinets and drawers. We get it, you want a place for every gadget, you want a knife drawer, you want a spice rack, a wine rack, etc. But, all of these extras will cost you more and more along the way. If you have the money? Go for it. But, if you are working on a budget, consider what is becoming a luxury and what is a necessity. A knife drawer, for instance, might be really nice, but surely you could find a really nice knife block for the top of the counter that costs 10x less than the knife drawer!

#4 Reason

Counters can get expensive. Counter materials really vary these days. As so all of the inclusions; you have different materials, styles, colors, sizes, and more. Take into consideration not only aesthetic appeal, but also durability, cost, labor, transportation of that material, and alternative options. You also need to look at the kitchen and understand, really, how you want to use that space. If you want to cook like mad, and make fresh bread, and pies, and cook a meal every night for dinner – a good quality material that can withstand heat, knife cuts and that’s easy to clean is going to be a better option for you than something that is really pretty, but really difficult to upkeep.

#5 Reason

Over-spending on appliances. Appliances range quite a bit. You will find ones that are under $1000 but also many that are over $1000. Just make sure that you again, do your homework and find the best cost for your budget. In some cases, you might just have to do without that Sub Zero fridge that costs $8000 and instead get a look alike fridge in stainless steel that only costs $1000. In a lot of cases, if a brand or product is imported or has an “upscale” name attached to it, it’s going to cost significantly more than one that does not. Take dishwashers, for example, Asko has dishwashers that cost $1000 or more. But, LG which is just as good of a brand name, but considered a “general appliances” company has beautiful and functional dishwashers for $450.