Inventive Kitchen Floor Treatments

Let’s be honest, when it comes to flooring it tends to get pretty routine. It’s the same materials over and over again. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but what about the people that don’t want the same old? What if someone doesn’t like wood? What if someone is tired of the tile trend? What if they just want something different. Well, you’re in luck, the article below has some fun, interesting, sometimes outlandish designs and materials to choose from. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Striped Marmoleum

This might not sound like a familiar material to you, but that’s sort of the point of this article. This is actually linoleum, but without all the toxins and chemicals. It’s incredibly durable, very anti-microbial and it’s really quite easy to maintain. Have a Marmoleum floor right now and it’s sort of dark in color and you’ve gotten sick of it? You might think about ripping it up. Well, try this first. Use yellow paint to actually create stripes in the flooring. It helps to create a new look, and it sort of breaks up the dark color of the Marmoleum. FYI this won’t work for every home decor, but it will work with industrial, modern, minimalistic, etc.

You can really do this with any color of Marmoleum and any color of the stripe. Maybe you have a really boring white Marmoleum floor. How about painting thick blue stripes on it? Or maybe you have a really ugly blue Marmoleum that you got sick of really quick, how about black thin stripes? The variations go on.

Plaid Tile

Okay, so it’s not really Plaid tile you can buy. Perhaps someone out there manufactures plaid tile but it’s going to cost a lot. This uses VCT which is a vinyl tile. The tile can be split up to use three different colors to create a sort of plaid look alike. Check this out:

Plaid Floor

Pretty cool right? And you can do this with any 2, 3 or 4 color variations that you want. Of course the more colors you add the more complex this gets, but that’s where careful planning comes into play.

Consider adding at least one color that is either already in your kitchen or a color that would play off of another color. The black variation is a really good color to use because black goes with just about anything right? On the other hand, with the blue, you can have blue accented cabinets so the plaid color meshed well with matching blue accented cabinets.

Soy Based Stains

Concrete is quickly becoming a staple in homes, especially in kitchens. But, what when you don’t like the boring “gray” tone that comes with having a concrete floor? One idea is to use a soy based stain. Of course, you can just use a regular stain but a regular stain has toxins and chemical. Because of this, they also wanted to sue materials and coatings that were also green or Eco-friendly. The soy based stain is completely 100% VOC free and incredibly durable. Don’t like the black? No problem. This stain comes in every color under the sun from browns and reds to greens, blues, and oranges. There are somewhere around 100 different companies that offer soy stains, you just have to go search for it.

Cork Tile

This is another fairly new type of flooring. It’s a little less outlandish than the options above, but it’s still pretty brilliant nonetheless and it’s green friendly. Cork comes from a tree and this tree is plentiful. It’s so plentiful in fact, that this alongside bamboo is quickly becoming the greenest friendly “wood” materials to use. Cork has a softer underfoot, it can be stained, it lasts for a long time, and it’s water-resistant. It has a beautiful look to it that simply can’t be made with any other material, bamboo, laminate, hardwood or otherwise.

Alternating Wood Strips

When you see this flooring in person you would probably think it was tile. But, it’s not. Essentially you can use any wood you like, but some home-owners really love the variation of light vs dark wood. This is done using alternating strips of maple and walnut and has a very cool and yet different look to it. Alternatively, when looking for something budget friendly that won’t take as much time, you can also take your wood flooring and simply paint a darker or lighter paint on it in a checkerboard style and create just about the same look or try durable tile flooring that looks like wood flooring